About Us

CaliMartPlace is an online directory (currently open) and store (under construction) for small businesses to reach a larger audience. We are here to help you network with other businesses, using the quickest and easiest method possible – The Internet. Designed to be user friendly, CaliMartPlace is a simple, but effective, way for you to sell your products to an eager audience globally.

In addition, we are offering our services to develop and maintain a website for you and your company. A website is a good way to reach prospective customers and clients, but it is only as effective as you are willing to make it.

If your website is not properly maintained, it will be as useless as a car without gas. It will just sit there, instead of bringing you to your customers. We are offering our services to keep your website gassed up and running with weekly updates to keywords and metadata data, telling search engines, like Yahoo and Google, that your website is fresh and relevant.